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at home services


Each of our visits to your home can include play time, walking, feeding  and clean-up. Do they have a favorite toy, treat or routine? You just tell us what will make your pet most comfortable while you're away and that's what we'll do.

In addition to the At Home care, we can provide transportation for your pooch to and from our daycare during the week. This will allow them to get out, play and socialize with us and other pooches during the day and still be able to go home and sleep soundly in their own bed at night.



What types of pets do you service?

We service dogs, cats, birds, fish, small mammals and certain reptiles. Pricing for the smaller animals are at a discounted rate so just ask us for a quote.

What vaccinations are required for my pets?

Only vaccine we require for the at home care is what is required by state law which is the rabies vaccine. If you would like to have your pet transported to our facility or daycare services, they will be required to be current on all the additional vaccinations

What if there is an emergency while I'm gone?

With our training, we are able to assess and care for small injuries and wounds. In addition, when you fill out the application we will obtain all of your emergency names and contacts. At our discretion, if we feel like your pets needs to seek medical attention, your pet will be brought immediately to your vet or the nearest emergency center at your expense.

What if my dog needs medication? Do you care for special needs or elderly pets?

We are able to administer medication to your pet during our visits. We request that you make available the easiest and least stressful way that you would do it yourself so your pet feels the most comfortable. Our at home service is perfect for your special needs or elderly pet. It's the best way to give quality care without disrupting their daily routine and quality of life.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured for any accidental damages to your pet or home while you're away, travel liability with your pet and employee liability.  Please ask us if you need any additional information. 


 Services Available:

Initial Consultation...........Complimentary
First daily visit....................$25 daily
Second daily visit...............$20 additional
Additional dog.....................$10 per dog
Additional animals.............Call for pricing 
Transportation fee.............starts at $10 

*All prices are based on a 10 mile radius from our location in Greenwell Springs, LA. Pricing will increase based on further distances.
At home application